Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) at USC Keck School of Medicine

Research, prototype, and design user experiences to help increase the pace of discovery in neuroscience.

At USC’s Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, I prototyped and tested tools that enabled neuroscience researchers to search, visualize, analyze, and download imaging and demographic data from research studies. Two products I led the design for are:


The Image and Data Archive (IDA)

The IDA is an online resource for exploring, downloading, and sharing neuroscience data. Users can sign up for the IDA and request data access for each research study of interest. Once granted access, they can search and download clinical, genetic, and imaging data.

My role involved establishing user research parameters, facilitating tests, and reporting user testing results. I interviewed and collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to brainstorm, design, and iterate on prototypes based on testing results. I also worked on designing and testing complex data visualizations that explored viewing subject data temporally in a meaningful way.

This video is a screen capture of the search and download process in a recent prototype.

FoxDEN (Fox Insight Data Exploration Network)

Fox DEN allows users to explore, download, and apply statistical models on data collected for the Fox Insight online clinical study on Parkinson’s disease. Users register through the FoxDEN website and are granted access per the Michael J. Fox Foundation. One of the most exciting features we implemented involved figuring out the logic flow for a guided analysis where users can select cohorts and variables of interest, and automatically show a statistical analysis that fits their research question. I also worked on data visualizations that follow familiar paradigms but also incorporate the Fox Insight brand, like the FoxVenn diagram.

This video is a screen capture of the current product. You can also register to use the tool here.

For these products, my duties involved conducting user research to identify user needs and working with our team to create user flows and diagrams to get stakeholder feedback. Then I utilize whichever tool is fit for the job (Axure RP, Sketch, Figma Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD), and sometimes HTML/CSS/Javascript to prototype interactions for user testing. Projects may also require creating visual design components like logos, iconography, presentations, and other interface elements. We then test prototypes to attain user and stakeholder feedback and disseminate usability analysis reports, which help inform future iterations.