“If you have done good work, whether you think it’s been recognized or not, someone recognizes it. That is the nature of the universe, that honest, good work gets recognized and when you pick up the phone and need help and start calling around, eventually you’re going to find someone you’re going to find somebody that goes “you’re doing good work, let me help you out, you need a hand? Let me lend you a hand and help you.” You have to focus on reaching out to people sometimes, as uncomfortable as it may be. That’s how the world works at a subatomic level, it’s how it works at a macro level and it’s how it works at a level of being human is we have to connect with other people to find the next opportunity.” (24:50)

“It’s more of a compass than a map. Because the map is you know… someone else’s map.”

“Sometimes the most compassionate thing you could do for someone you don’t necessarily want their input because it’s not going to make the thing you’re working on much better. (50:21)

The Unmistakeable Creative, The Art of Producing Reality TV with Jerry Kolber