Bits from Jony Ive’s Vanity Fair Interview:

“What focus means is saying no to something that with every bone in your body you think is a phenomenal idea. And you wake up thinking about it, but you say no to it because you’re focusing on something else.”

“One of the advantages of being part of a design team that’s been around for a long time is we’ve had the luxury to develop our process. We meet three or four times a week. The designers gather around the same kind of tablets you see in Apple Stores. We stand around those tables…and we draw.”

“In art school. The computers colleges had were terrible. I assumed the problems were with me. When you eat something that’s bad, you assume the food is bad. But when you use a bad product, you assume it’s you.”

Steve to Jony: “No Jony, you’re just really vain. You just want people to like you. I’m surprised at you, because I thought you really held the work up as the most important and not how you are perceived by people.”