NA-DA Website


An architecture company needed a website to showcase their work to potential clients and funders. The goal was to create an enticing website that showcases their work in a beautiful way. The website needed to be built in a system that would be managed by the team once the initial development was completed.


I worked with the team to identify the required content and features for the website. I created wireframes of possible layout types, and iterated based on feedback. From there I created mockups to solidify the design and worked with the team to add in other features that were needed. I then created the website in the WordPress content management system.


To validate the design, we tested with internal and external stakeholders across multiple devices. Here are some of the issues we solved for:

  1. We identified that the menu was taking up too much space on smaller devices, and we saw that by decreasing the width across devices it worked even better… so we implemented.
  2. Though project descriptions worked well on desktops, it was taking up too much real estate on smaller devices. We tried a handful of solutions to solve for this problem, and ended up implementing the descriptions as an accordion only on mobile devices and showing the full description on a desktop.


Visit to view the project.